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South Korean And Chinese Church Media Team-Up


Catholic media from China and South Korea co-hosted an international symposium at the Franciscan Education Center in Seoul where it was discussed how media could be best used for evangelization purposes.

Around 150 people, including priests from both countries, religious and laypeople, attended the June 25 event, which was titled “Evangelization of Asia through church media.”

Archbishop Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil of Daegu congratulated the two organizers of the event — The Catholic Times of Korea and the China-based Faith Press.

“I hope such an event presents the right direction for church media and ways for the churches in China and Korea can mutually develop,” said Archbishop Cho in a message.

The president of The Catholic Times, Father Pius Yi Ki-sso, said the two media organizations have decided to cooperate for the evangelization of mainland China and Asia.

“This symposium will be important momentum to realize our promises,” said Father Ki-sso.

Father Joseph Li Rongpin, the director of Faith Press, gave a presentation during the symposium on the role of church media, especially with regards to the internet.

“The Chinese church and media both lead in information sharing through the internet,” said Father Li said.

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