Tehran Prosecutor And Torture Suspect Saeed Mortazavi Arrested


Tehran’s former chief prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi is behind bars, the country’s semi-official Fars news agency has reported.

According to Fars, Mortazavi, one of the individuals implicated in the Kahrizak Prison scandal, has been arrested.

Mortazavi had been at the centre of a row between the Ahmadinejad administration and other conservative factions in the regime.

On Sunday, the Iranian parliament voted to dismiss Ahmadinejad’s labour minister following his failure to dismiss former Mortazavi from his post as the director of the Social Security Organisation.

A January 2010 parliamentary commission found Mortazavi, who was the Tehran prosecutor general at the time of 2009 unrests, responsible for the transfer of protesters to the Kahrizak detention centre where at least three died as a result of torture.

The centre was later shut down following an order from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

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