Syria’s Neighbor Iraq In Midst Of Violent Upheaval‏ – OpEd


While the eyes of most world leaders are focused on Syria, 56 people were killed and another 170 were wounded in separate attacks in Syria’s neighboring Arab country, Iraq, on Tuesday, according to a police source who monitors Islamist terrorist bombings.

At least one dozen car bombing attacks were perpetrated throughout the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. The areas attacked were mostly-Shiite neighborhoods. As a result of the 12 bombings, 47 people were killed and approximately 160 others were wounded, said Mike Snopes, a former military intelligence officer and police detective who now serves as a consultant for a number of U.S. and multinational corporations.

According to various reports gathered by Snopes:

  • Eight Iraqis died and 28 others sustained wounds when two cars containing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) exploded in a crowded marketplace in Baghdad.
  • In another bombing, an IED loaded into an automobile exploded near a restaurant in eastern Baghdad, killing eight civilians and wounding 25 others. Earlier in the day, four people were killed and 14 were wounded in a car IED blast in the same area, Snopes added.
  • In yet another similar IED explosion in southwest Baghdad, seven people were mortally wounded and several others were seriously injured.
  • In the southeastern part of the city, a car bomb explosion killed four pedestrians and wounded 14 others.

The prime suspects for these bombings and terrorist attacks is al-Qaeda in Iraq, although the group changed its name last month to its new name — the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS — clearly expressing the organization’s ideological inclinations and political aspirations, according to Al-Monitor.

Tuesday’s terrorist attacks were not all bombings, with an incident occurring in southern Iraq in which several masked gunmen perpetrated a home invasion and murdered a man, his wife and their three children. Gunmen also killed two civilians in a street ambush in Baghdad’s business district, according to Det. Snopes.

The death toll from violence in Iraq in August 2013 was 841, according to a United Nations report released on Sept. 1, 2013.

“Iraq is witnessing its worst eruption of violence in recent years, which raises fears that the country is sliding back to full- blown civil conflict that peaked in 2006 and 2007, when monthly death toll sometimes exceeded 3,000,” the United Nations report states.

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