Paraguay’s New President Determined To Fight Poverty And Corruption


Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s president-elect, trumpeted again on Friday his determination to lead the war against corruption and poverty in the first 100 days of his upcoming government. In his first official speech as president-elect, Mr. Cartes promised a better country for all and “since [his] political campaign was focused on the war against poverty, [1] the government will not ceasefire and is determined to devote all [its] energy, resources and hard work that goes towards defeating such an endemic enemy that marginalizes opportunities of thousands of Paraguayan families.”

Mr. Cartes’ statement is similar with the key note speech of Federico Franco Gomez, the outgoing president of Paraguay, who delivered his government’s progress report in front of numerous diplomatic delegations at General Assembly of the Organization of American States on April 5th, 2013. [2] Mr. Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s self-made billionaire, is expected to follow President Franco’s almost one year long anti – corruption reforms and anti-poverty campaigns that have showed a significant progress in rural areas of Paraguay especially the support provided to landless farmers in the Departments of San Pedro, Canindeyú and Concepción.

President Franco in April 19th, 2013, before the executives of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce emphasized “the importance of agrarian reform because Paraguay has to provide land to farmers” and reduce foreigners’ ownership of large Paraguayan lands in the Chaco region. [3]

Mr. Cartes stated that “at the end of [his presidential] mandate we want that poverty has decreased to a minimum by August 15th, 2018.”

The Official proclamation ceremony was organized at the main auditorium of the Central bank of Paraguay; it was marked by a strong presence of Colorado Party members, expressing their support to their ‘rising star’ leader and future president.

In continuation to his speech, Mr. Cartes stated that he “considers all citizens to be valuable and all those who dream of a better Paraguay will not be abandoned, including those who supported candidates of other political parties.”

President elect Cartes demonstrated commitment to the war against poverty, corruption and impunity; three challenges that are inhibiting the development of a well inclusive society in Paraguay.

At the end of his statement Cartes, expressed his “gratitude to the glorious National Republican Association,” whose people entrusted him the great responsibility to be a presidential candidate to lead Paraguay.

Mr. Cartes added that “Paraguay is a country with untold potential and [his] commitment is to lead a serious, capable, patriotic and a visionary government.” [4]

In relation to the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice (TSJE), Mr. Cartes stated that “this institution has respected the will of the people, this institution has gained reputation and it is a real guarantee to safeguard the sovereign expression of the people.”






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