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South Korea: Pusan Diocese To Donate Land Sale Proceeds To Poor


Pusan Diocese in South Korea has decided to give all the money received from the sale of its Catholic Charity Apartment in Haeundaeits to its poor neighbors.

In 1964 the diocese built a two-story apartment building for 35 low-income families to live in. However, as time went by the building became worn out and needed to be rebuilt.

Residents wanted to rebuild the apartments and the diocese agreed to sell the site to a local real estate developer, who will build a mixed-use housing complex instead.

By selling the land, the diocese received some 3 billion won (US$2.5 million). It has decided to donate the money to the poor as a re-enactment of the spirit of love and sharing which animated the social welfare projects of the 1960’s.

The Catholic Charity Apartment was built with money donated by Austrian Catholic Women’s Association. Beside the apartment block, the diocese built a total of 198 charity houses for poor people. The diocese owned the land and the residents owned the houses.

The diocese, in a statement said: “In the early stage of the diocese, when we were poor and underwent hardship, we gave alms to the poor. We decided to use the money to practice this spirit.”

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