HP To Enter Android Tablet Market, Report Says


HP is planning to enter the crowded Android tablet market, according to a report, Digital Spy said.

ReadWrite claims that the manufacturer is in talks with Nvidia with a view to using its upcoming Tegra 4 chip in a high-end slate.

HP currently offers a range of Windows 8-powered slates, including the ElitePad 900 and the hybrid Envy x2 device.

The company has seen mixed fortunes in the tablet market in the past, with its WebOS operating system and associated device, the TouchPad, bombing.

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor is one of the first quad-core chips based on ARM’s new Cortex-A15 design, meaning an Android tablet powered by the technology would be among the fastest on the market.

The report also claims that HP is mulling over the possibility of entering the Android phone market.

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