Behgjet Pacolli to Be Named President of Kosovo


Behgjet Pacolli, the leader of the New Alliance for Kosovo, AKR, is to be named Kosovo’s next president after the ruling Democratic Party agreed to his demands in order to create a coalition.

By Petrit Collaku

PDK leaders met late on Monday evening and decided to give this post to the AKR with additional posts to be reviewed in coming days, such as those of deputy prime minister and three ministerial posts.

Acting Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci said that the decision was reached as a consensus among party members.

Pacolli, along with the other future members of the government, must be approved by the parliament before taking office. It is expected that his nomination will be accepted.

Kuci added that the post of prime minister and parliament speaker will be reserved for the Democratic Party, PDK, which won the most votes in the election.

The PDK, led by acting Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, has reached an agreement, in principle, with the AKR, the Ibrahim Rugova List and minority parties to form Kosovo’s new government.

Kosovo-born, Swiss-based construction millionaire Pacolli entered the world of Kosovo politics in 2006, after spending almost three decades away as he built an empire some say has made him the world’s richest ethnic Albanian.

His party came fifth in the most recent general elections in December 2010, gaining eight out of 120 parliament seats.

The post of president in Kosovo carries a significant degree of power. The leader represents the country abroad and can call elections and return laws to parliament, among other responsibilities.

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