Kenny Meets With Serbian Prime Minister Dačić To Discuss Serbian EU Accession


Prime Minister of Ireland  Enda Kenny today met with the Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr Ivica Dačić, to discuss Ireland’s EU Presidency priorities and Serbia’s ambitions to receive a date for opening accession negotiations during the Irish Presidency.

The Taoiseach (PM) commented: “Ireland supports EU membership for Serbia and for all the countries of the Western Balkans, once they fulfil the criteria. Ireland will apply those criteria firmly and fairly. We believe that the accession process can contribute greatly to peace and stability for all in the Western Balkans.”

Referring to the meeting with the Serbian Prime Minister, Kenny, “It is clear that the Serbian government and Prime Minister Dačić are committed to making progress on the EU agenda. Our talks today have focussed on Serbia’s progress in addressing the priorities identified by the December Council conclusions and the Commission’s October Progress report. We also discussed the report by the High Representative and the Commission due in April and I assured the Prime Minister that Ireland will prioritise discussion of the report with a view to reaching a decision on the opening of negotiations with Serbia during our Presidency.”

Prime Minister Dačić also informed the Taoiseach of the progress being made under the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue. The Taoiseach welcomed the progress achieved and commended the efforts of Prime Ministers Dačić and Thaci, and High Representative Ashton in this area saying that it will be important to build on this momentum.

Kenny briefed Prime Minister Dačić on progress across Ireland’s Presidency priorities, and in particular on the issues of the MFF and EU US Trade.

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