Iraq: Suicide Bomb Kills 24 At Funeral


Following a deadly day in Baquba, Iraq, a suicide bomber has killed at least 24 at a funeral in Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province. More than 20 people were also injured, according to Iraqi sources.

Mourners were paying respects to a member of the Shabak minority, ethnic Turkomen. Most of the Shabak community live in villages around Mosul and are predominantly Sunni Muslim. They have been targeted by aggressive groups and warned to leave the area.

“I was attending the funeral sitting with the women when we heard a huge explosion. When we went out, we found some men either killed or injured,” said Umm Mohammed, who attended the funeral.

In the wake of what was thought to be a double car mosque explosion on Friday which killed 30 people, this attack done by a single suicide bomber mirrors yesterday’s violence. Reports in after the mosque was investigated showed that the bomb was actually hidden in an air conditioned unit inside the mosque and the car bombs were separate explosions.

In a UN update in July, it was stated that more than 2,500 Iraqis have died in violent attacks since April of 2013.

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