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September 2010

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Now A Peace Council To Negotiate With The Taliban

By D Suba Chandran With the elections now over, Hamid Karzai has appointed a ‘Peace Council’, comprising 70 members, to negotiate with the Taliban. Will this initiative be fruitful and help Afghanistan achieve stability? The…

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Nepal’s Political Rites of Passage

Nepal is experiencing neither revolution, nor anarchy, nor chaos. It is in the midst of a complex rite of passage. Nepal’s Political Rites of Passage , the latest report from the International Crisis Group, reassesses…

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The ‘Cold Start And Stop’ Strategy

By Ali Ahmed Gurmeet Kanwal has it that the Cold Start doctrine is a ‘good’ doctrine for India since ‘it is perceived to be destabilising by Pakistanis.’1 As a strategy for a proactive offensive, it…