EU Urges Solution In Macedonia Political Chaos


By Marina Stojanovska

Two months into a political standoff between Macedonia’s VMRO-DPMNE government and the opposition Social Democrats (SDSM), and with local elections looming, the opposition bloc is splintering and international community members are urging compromise.

Tensions began on December 24th when SDSM members were removed from parliament after causing disruptions prior to a budget vote. The situation has drawn the attention of European officials, who have made it clear that the political upheaval in Skopje will adversely impact the upcoming progress report on Macedonia’s EU accession.

Elmar Brok, chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, condemned SDSM’s actions.

“The whole country is made hostage by this party due to its own political reasons. In my opinion, the Macedonian government is not unprepared, but SDSM is,” Brok told reporters in Brussels.

Richard Howitt, the European Parliament’s special rapporteur for Macedonia, spent nearly three days in Skopje last week and said he will postpone the voting on a new progress report because he believes the current situation will prevent a positive outcome.

“As I very clearly told all the political leaders in your country during my visit last week, the European Parliament does not support a boycott of elections,” Howitt, told the Macedonian Information Agency.

With SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski announcing that the opposition would boycott local elections, several prominent SDSM members left the bloc in recent weeks to join or form other parties.

This week, Karpos Mayor Stevce Jakimovski — the only opposition mayor among Skopje’s municipalities — submitted his candidacy as a member of the Serbian Progressive Party in Macedonia.

Jakomovski immediately was expelled from SDSM, where he held a high-ranking position as a president of the party’s city branch. He was the sixth high-ranking SDSM member to be expelled.

“I think that we will fight the battle much better by showing that we have support by the voters. This can be proved only in elections,” Jakimovski said.

Jakimovski said he doesn’t feel he betrayed SDSM, as he had previously expressed the necessity of participating in the elections to other high-ranking party officials.

“The fact that Jakimovski was excluded from the party is not a surprise to me, since we witnessed dismissal of other party members for matters less important from this one,” Albert Musliu, head of the Association for Democratic Initiatives, told SETimes.

“Still I would say that the most important and complex matters are the boycott and the notice by the opposition that they will act outside of the institutions,” he said.

Former prime minister and leader of SDSM Vlado Buckovski, who was also expelled, agreed that the exclusion of Jakimovski was not a surprise.

“I was always saying that the Macedonian parties have a lack of democratic capacity, inter- party democracy and dialogue,” Buckovski said. “The current happenings are linked with this problem. It is better to prevent the things instead of curing the consequences.”


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7 thoughts on “EU Urges Solution In Macedonia Political Chaos”

  1. The leader of the SDSM Crvenkovski has been planning since last summer to disrupt the parliament in favor of his benefactor Greece.The Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia was right by saying”Crvenkovski is greater Greek than Samaras”.The opposition leader has been paid by Greece to disrupt democracy in Macedonia.The EU must take some blame for it because they did not attempt to stop one of its member state to intervene with another internal politics of a sovereign state.
    If the EU is sincere about peace in the Balkans,they must come out and say;every person,nation has the right to identify its self as they feel,and not impose the will of another state.Respect the Human Rights of every person,but, EU has failed in this respect.

  2. @Peter. There was a time dear Peter, that rich Greece was to be blamed for everything wrong happening in Macedonia. Now that Greece is bankrupt and certainly poorer than Macedonia, it is time for the Macedonians to change the cassette.

    1. Greece was never rich,their books were always cooked as they were for the eurozone membership.Greek politicians were promising the sky just to vote them in.That is the way to get rich on the ordinary citizens.Is there one ordinary citizen who is among the 2,000 on the list who paid no taxes?.
      If you are on the side of those on the list,you are on the wrong side.A country who has spent more than 650 billion dollars,it did not take 5 years,unless the politicians overdone themselves.It takes years to spent that kind of money.Than again,Samaras robbed the banks in 1995 in the tune of 130 million dollars with no accountability to the state.Remember the 130 million in black garbage bags(1995)for payment to the news media and Macedonian politician the likes of Crvenkovski,Frckovski,Shekerinska and others for internal propaganda against their own state?Well,today these same people are continuing to do the same.I can tell you one thing,at least Greece took steps and brought Samaras to court,only to be congratulated for doing it for patriotic reasons,whereas Macedonia done nothing yet,and did not even collect taxes on that received money.You see,politicians can screw us up,and nothing will happen to them,but an ordinary citizen will end up in jail,isn’t that right?.I am not criticizing the people of either country,I am criticizing those who are screwing up the state and people of that state.
      As for changing the cassette,it is happening in Macedonia,finally, Crvenkovski and company will have to answer once out of party leadership.Right now he is save,because that is the law in Macedonia.He will become second Philota in Macedonia.Have a nice day.

  3. Greeces obsession with the Republic of Macedonia has no bounds.Recent visit by the French president,Samaras offered 6 billion euro to buy more submarines just for support against Macedonia EU membership.The French president Orland told Samaras”I did not come here to sell.I came to find out how to get out of the mess you are in”. After putting the people of Greece in misery,he still wants more cuts from the ordinary people.Karamanlis did same with 14 billion euro spent in France and Germany,for same reasons.Papandreou was unable to break the agreement that Karamanlis initiated with France and Germany,so he stuck the bill of goods to the people that are paying still today. What is the justification for such spending in arms,Greeces neighbors are NATO members,Macedonia is too small to attack Greece,where is the logic?.

  4. Why all these conspiracy theoreis about Greece? Gruevski is an ultra nationalist who builds mega statues of anciennt Greek and Bulgarian heroes and spends millions on propaganda for irredentist purposes. And why do the people of Skopje keep repeating that self identification is an inaliable right? Firstly, identity theft is a crime. Just because you claim to be someone doesn’t make it so. Secondly, identification requires two parties…the one making the claim and the second accepting it. The so called macedonian ethicity has been proven to be a communist construct, which over the years has turned out to include a laughable take on the regions history. The most absurd arguement from Skopje is that the Greeks should have no claim to the history and name of macedonia…all this while they argue self identification is an inaliable right. Skopean idiocy knows no bounds.

    1. Who are you kidding,Aegean Macedonia has been occupied illegally with the help of the Big Powers of the day France and Prussia (Germany) in 1913.No Macedonian land ever belonged to Greece.
      Here is some history for you;
      “US wanted Macedonia independent back in 1783″
      John Adams,one of US founding fathers,in a statement written back on July 14th 1783 to the first US State Secretary Robert Livingston,clearly states he wanted to see Macedonia as well as Greece independent from Ottoman rule.
      Unfortunatly for some Balkan nations including Macedonia,it was the French,Prussians(Germany) who decided who gets independence.
      Adams then goes on to describe the Greeks…230 years later they are still described in the same way,
      “corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage…”
      This should cover my answer,no need furthere arguments.

  5. Just to prove my point about how ridiculous Skopjean history is, I reffer readers to the fact that Peter’s post is a complete fabrication. He’s been told before that the US 1783 quote and the John Adams quote do not exist. They are completely false and unverifiable. They were made up by the same Skopiani who claim that they are not Slavs, but actually “Macedonians”. The only ethnic Macedonians are Greeks who have had and still share the history, culture and language of Alexander. The Skopjeans are brainwashed Bulgarians…made into so called macedonians by Tito’s communists.
    Once again I challenge Peter to provide citation for his quotes…but once again I expect that such a request will only serve as a que for him to leave.

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