Tony Blair Seen Signing Albania Consultancy Contract After Socialist Victory


By Besar Likmeta

Tony Blair is expected to be hired as a consultant by Albania’s new government, following the opposition victory in Sunday’s elections.

The former British Prime Minister and Labour Party leader reached a deal in May with Albanian Socialist leader Edi Rama, who will be Albania’s new Prime Minister, to advise Albania on attracting investment, promoting tourism and boosting the EU integration process.

“Blair’s will to help Albania is priceless, considering the good that it will bring, while the contract won’t hurt the pockets of Albanian taxpayers,” Rama said after meeting Blair in his central London office.

“Until now we have had only an agreement in principle based on the good will of both parties to cooperate,” he added.

Rama’s left-wing coalition scored a convincing victory in Sunday’s parliamentary polls, securing 84 of 140 seats in parliament.

Alistair Campbell, the former spin-doctor to Blair who has worked as a campaign adviser for the Socialists, has been ecstatic about their success in the polls.

“Looking like a landslide for Edi Rama and the Socialist Party coalition in Albania, I love landslides,” he wrote on Twitter. “Been good working with you guys,” Campbell added.

The Socialist Party has declined to comment on the cost of a possible contract with Blair, arguing that the financial details have not been discussed.

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