DR Congo: Attack In North Kivu Kills Scores Of Civilians


The first contingent of the UN Intervention Brigade arrived in Beni, North Kivu, to back DR-Congo regular forces (FARDC), reports the local Radio Okapi. The FARDC are patrolling the area of Kamango, occupied Wednesday morning for a few hours by ADF-Nalu (Democratic Allied Forces-National Army for the Liberation of Uganda), who killed over 40 civilians.

“The FARDC took back control of the entire Kamango region. We reinforced our presence”, a MONUSCO (UN Mission in DR-Congo) military spokesman, Félix Prosper Basse.

A MONUSCO statement received by MISNA reconstructs what occurred in the past hours since 5:00am on Christmas day. “The ADF attacked FARDC posts in Kamango and seized the area after brief clashes that left innocent people dead and caused a mass movement of people toward the border with Uganda”. MONUSCO intervened with military helicopters “in response to the repeated attacks by the Ugandan rebel group”. In coordinated operations in support of the Congolese troops, the MONUSCO helicopters opened fire against ADF posts, taking back the town, specifies the statement.

The UN mission doesn’t provide a precise toll, though civil society sources report over 40 killed and dozens injured. On December 13 and 14 the MONUSCO reported at least 20 dead in attacks against two villages in the Beni area, also attributed to the ADF-Nalu.

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