Qatar Recognizes Libya’s National Transition Council


Qatar has decided to recognize Libyan National Transition Council as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, reports the Qatari state news agency QNA.

This came in a statement given by an official source at the Foreign Ministry to Qatar News Agency (QNA).



“The source confirmed that this recognition stems from the conviction that the Council, including all of its representatives in various areas in Libya, has practically become the representative of Libya and its people, adding that it also stems from the acceptance attached by the Libyan people to the Council,” reported QNA.

Relatedly, it has been reported that rebel forces set their sights Sunday on Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, and there were rumors Monday that the town had fallen into rebel hands.

The report could not be confirmed, however, and witnesses said the streets were calm and that there were no signs of fighting, according to VOA.

Neverthless, RIA Novosti reported that Shamsi Abdul Molah, a spokesman for the opposition’s National Council, told the Al Jazeera satellite channel that opposition forces had moved into the city at approximately 1:30 a.m. last night (local time).

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