Syria: 7,500 So Far Killed In Revolt, Assad Offered Asylum In Tunisia


Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Syrian government troops fired artillery on residential areas in the provinces of Homs and Hama, according to activists. There are reports that an attempt by the Syrian army to enter the Bab Amro district in the rebel city of Homs was repelled by deserters.

Nationally, the government soldiers have reportedly killed at least 45 people. The revolt against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad killed more than 7,500 civilians, , according to a new estimate by the United Nations clearly.

“There are credible reports that every day more than 100 civilians are being killed,” the U.N. Under-Secretary General Lynn Pascoe on Tuesday told the Security Council in New York. Among the victims were many women and children.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian President Mouncef Marzouki offered the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad a political asylum. Tunisia was willing to host Assad and his family, the Tunisian leader told the local newspaper of “La Presse”. On Friday, Tunisia hosted a conference called the “Friends of Syria” in his speech there, Marzouki offered Assad to step down in exchange for legal immunity.

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