Muslim Brotherhood To Defy Egypt’s Protest Law


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood called for protestors to assemble after Friday prayers, making clashes between the Brotherhood‘s followers and official security forces likely, reported local media.

The Interior ministry had warned against unapproved demonstrations under a new protest law recently introduced in the country.

Egypt’s Brotherhood Alliance called for mass protests marking 100 days since the killings of political prisoners at Abu Zaabal prison in northern Egypt.

The alliance also planned for protests on Saturday morning in support of a new, anti-government movement, named “7 am.”

“7am,” was launched to condemn the detention of a number of female protesters after they took part in a violent protest last month.

Several of the female demonstrators were sentenced to 11 years in jail under the new law aimed at restricting protests, including jail terms.

Reacting to the arrests, Amnesty International called for the immediate and unconditional release of the detained females, reported AFP.

Official security sources said the Interior Ministry will use the new law to disperse unauthorized gatherings, and warned against potential repercussions.

Leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood do not care for the new law, set by Egypt’s government days ago, and plan to use it to increase numbers of the opposition’s followers.

One student was killed and 21 injured following clashes that took place between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and official security forces around the University of Cairo on Thursday, reported the Health ministry.

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