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Fukushima And The Battle For Truth – OpEd

28 Sep 2011 in Opinion

By Paul Zimmerman Fukushima’s nuclear disaster is a nightmare. Ghostly releases of radioactivity haunt the Japanese countryside. Lives, once safe, are now beset by an ineffable scourge promising vile illness and death. Fukushima RadiusLarge sectors…

Peru’s New Right Of Consultation – Analysis

17 Sep 2011 in Analysis

By Marisol Fornoni Peru’s Congress has recently passed a law that states that indigenous people have a right to prior consultation regarding any plans that influence their collective rights. This includes their cultural identity, livelihoods…

9/11 And The Fallacy Of Terrorism – OpEd

12 Sep 2011 in Opinion

By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja The “War on Terrorism” and the individualistic issue – who is terrorist is not only ambiguous but continues to be controversial and terribly deceptive in proposition. Its mass media portrayal…

Libya And Imperialism

25 Feb 2011 in Opinion

By Sara Flounders Of all the struggles going on in North Africa and the Middle East right now, the most difficult to unravel is the one in Libya. What is the character of the opposition…

The Naxalite Insurgency In India – Analysis

18 May 2010 in Analysis

By Kristian A. Kennedy While many western observers would point to violent secessionism in Kashmir as the direst threat to Indian national security, the government of India has identified the Maoist-inspired Naxalite insurgency as its…