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Jim Kouri
Jim Kouri
Jim Kouri, CPP, formerly Fifth Vice-President, is currently a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, an editor for, and he's a columnist for In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News Radio affiliate KGAB ( Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.

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Donald Trump. Photo by Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons.

GOP Anti-Trump Strategy: Reagan’s Words Kicked To Wayside By Super PAC – OpEd

24 Nov 2015 in 1&Opinion

What’s being characterized as a “GOP anti-Trump guerrilla operation,” has been exposed in a number of news stories on Monday. The underlying theme is the Republican Party’s decision to kick Ronald Reagan’s sage advice to the…

Photo of device used against Russian passenger plane claims ISIS.

Islamic State Releases Image Of Bomb Used To Bring Down Russian Airliner – OpEd

19 Nov 2015 in 1&Opinion

On Wednesday, an Internet message allegedly from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) showed a photograph of the alleged bomb — improvised explosive device (IED) — that brought down a Russian airliner in…

France's François Hollande. Photo by Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons.

Terror In Paris: Dozens Killed In Simultaneous Bombings, Shootings – OpEd

14 Nov 2015 in 1&Opinion

French police are reporting that simultaneous attacks — an explosion in a bar near a Paris soccer stadium, a shootout on the streets outside Paris restaurants and a hostage situation in a concert hall where…

United States' Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama Hampering Investigation Of Hillary Clinton Until After Election Day – OpEd

01 Nov 2015 in 1&Opinion

The White House is conducting a full-court press to stop the releasing of  emails between President Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State , and now the Democratic Party’s presidential heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. According to reports in…

Montage of photographs released under a FOIA request to Judicial Watch. SourceL Wikipedia Commons.

Benghazi Cover Up Tied To US Gun-Smuggling Operation – OpEd

23 Oct 2015 in 1&Opinion

The Obama administration officials — with the awareness of the Secretary of State — were involved in violating a ban on arming rebels in Syria in an operation that mirrors the Iran-Contra Scandal during the…