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Paul Woodward describes himself by nature if not profession, as a bricoleur. A dictionary of obscure words defines a bricoleur as “someone who continually invents his own strategies for comprehending reality.” Woodward has at various times been an editor, designer, software knowledge architect, and Buddhist monk, while living in England, France, India, and for the last twenty years the United States. He currently lives frugally in the Southern Appalachians with his wife, Monica, two cats and a dog Woodward maintains the popular website/blog, War in Context (, which "from its inception, has been an effort to apply critical intelligence in an arena where political judgment has repeatedly been twisted by blind emotions. It presupposes that a world out of balance will inevitably be a world in conflict."
Israel flag
Israel flag

Israel’s Assault On Gaza: None Of Our Business? – OpEd

The Palestinian politician, Mustafa Barghouti, made an appeal to the world this week: The international community should intervene to restrain Israel’s army, which has called up 40,000 reserve soldiers. World leaders must stop the escalation to protect the Palestinian people and prevent further slaughter, the like of which we have witnessed this week. Surely Barghouti […]

ISIS in Iraq
Islamic State militants

ISIS And The Strategy Of Managed Savagery – OpEd

Management of Savagery, by Abu Bakr Naji has been described as “al-Qaeda’s playbook.” Although ISIS (often referred to by its adversaries as Da’ish) has ideological differences with al Qaeda and should not be viewed as an affiliate of the older jihadist group, Alastair Crooke believes that Naji’s text outlines the strategy which ISIS is now […]

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. File photo.

US Reluctance To Intervene In Iraq May Have Unintended Consequences For Israel – OpEd

A week ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to like the idea of a conflict between ISIS and Iran — a conflict in which the United States should refrain from becoming aligned with Tehran. “Don’t strengthen either of them. Weaken both,” Netanyahu said. He may have imagined his anti-interventionism would resonate with several constituencies […]