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Sufyan bin Uzayr
Sufyan bin Uzayr
Sufyan bin Uzayr is the author of “Sufism: A Brief History”. He writes for several print and online publications, and regularly blogs about issues of contemporary relevance at Political Periscope. You can also connect with him using Facebook or Google+.

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Tajikistan: Stability Means More Than Prosperity – OpEd

18 Dec 2013 in 1 , Opinion

Out of all the poor countries that emerged from the ashes of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Tajikistan stands alone as the poorest. While the papers surely talk about the rapid macroeconomic growth of the country,…

Sanaa, Yemen. Photo by AnasALhajj.Photography, Wikipedia Commons.

Yemen: Chaos, Conflict And Revolution – OpEd

09 Dec 2013 in 1 , Opinion

Yemen. The very name of this country brings many thoughts to one’s mind. It happens to be one of the oldest centres of civilization in the region, and is currently the second largest country in…

Nepal landscape.

Nepal: The View From The Top Is Not Pretty – OpEd

22 Jun 2013 in 1 , Opinion

With the exception of Mt. Everest, Nepal has very little that the mainstream media finds newsworthy. You cannot really blame the Western media though — this small land-locked country of South Asia does not get…