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Sri Lanka seen from space
Sri Lanka seen from space

Sri Lanka: Understanding Buddhist-Muslim Communal Clashes – Analysis

By Zarin Ahmad In June 2014, history repeated itself when three Muslims were killed and over 50 injured in Aluthgama, Sri Lanka. Almost 100 years ago, in May 1915, communal violence erupted between Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The 1915 riot was a spontaneous expression of deep economic hostilities with Muslim traders. […]

South Africa flag
South Africa flag

The EU And South Africa: Towards New Partnership For Development – Analysis

By Lesley Masters The growing role of emerging countries in the development assistance landscape is bringing about a change in the international politics of development. South Africa, along with other emerging countries such as China and India, is moving beyond a position as an ‘aid’ recipient towards defining its role as a development assistance partner. […]


Deteriorating Cultures: The Destructive Effects Of Tribal Tourism – OpEd

By Grace Kranstover Indigenous populations compose an estimated 370 million people in the world today, and are often central to a state’s culture and history. Indigenous people comprise five percent of the world’s total population and live in approximately 90 countries.[1] However, indigenous people also make up 15 percent of the globe’s impoverished population. This […]

Belgrade, Serbia. Photo by Vlada Marinković, Wikipedia Commons
Belgrade, Serbia. Photo by Vlada Marinković, Wikipedia Commons

Serbia: Professors Seeking ‘Protection Of Academic Honour’

By Igor Jovanovic Serbia’s education minister told SETimes that he will work to strengthen the independent bodies tasked with checking the quality of education following a series of scandals that have beset Serbia’s higher education system. Minister of Education Srdjan Verbic said the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Control currently lacks the necessary capacity to […]

Michelle Obama, White House/Twitter.

Parents Of Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls Still Suffer; Mrs. Obama Moves On – OpEd

First Lady Michelle Obama, her and her husband’s Hollywood sycophants, the U.S. news media and most of the world’s governments may have moved on to other causes and issues, but the parents of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls are still suffering daily and 11 of them will never kiss or hold their daughters again. Nigeria’s […]