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Pope Francis. Photo Casa Rosada, Wikipedia Commons.
Pope Francis. Photo Casa Rosada, Wikipedia Commons.

Are Atheist Journalist’s Papal Interviews Reliable? – OpEd

By Andrea Gagliarducci Following the publication of a new text by Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari in ‘La Repubblica’ suggesting that Pope Francis believes in relativism, the Holy See spokesman has questioned whether Scalfari is advancing his own views. In a recent op-ed in the leftist Italian newspaper, Scalfari mentioned one of his recent conversations with […]

India flag
India flag

India: No Justice For 1984 Anti-Sikh Bloodshed, Says HRW

Successive Indian governments’ failure to prosecute those most responsible for killings and other abuses during the 1984 anti-Sikh violence highlights India’s weak efforts to combat communal violence. The new Indian government should seek police reforms and to enact a law against communal violence that would hold public officials accountable for complicity and dereliction of duty. […]

Ebola virus
Ebola virus. Photo by CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith

Bioterrorism, ISIS And Ebola Mania – OpEd

Does demagoguery have an inventive side? Only if you assume semi-literacy is virtuous, and that imagination lies in the name of the manipulative. The combination of both Ebola and terrorism are the evil twins of the same security dilemma. It is manufactured. It is a confection. And it is, at the end, worthless in what […]

Google Mountain View campus garden
Google Mountain View campus garden

Google Data Collection Worries Americans More Than NSA

Americans may not like the fact that the National Security Agency is collecting data on their phone calls and emails, but it turns out they are even more concerned over another surveillance threat: Google. In a survey conducted by the consumer feedback service Survata, the company asked internet users just how angry they would be […]

Barack Obama
Barack Obama. File photo.

12 Nobel Peace Prize Winners Tell President Obama To Reveal Full Details Of US Torture Program And To Close Guantánamo – OpEd

Yesterday (October 27), 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, sent a powerful and important letter to President Obama – himself a recipient of the prize — calling for him to disclose in full “the extent and use of torture and rendition by American soldiers, operatives, and contractors, as well as the authorization of […]