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Robert Reich. Photo by Danorton, Wikipedia Commons.

Robert Reich: The Crisis Of Governance – OpEd

America is in a crisis of governance. There is no adult in charge. Instead, we have as president an unhinged narcissistic child who tweets absurd lies and holds rallies to prop up his fragile ego,…

Somali Refugees in Yemen 1992 courtesy UNHCR

The US-Made Famine In Yemen – OpEd

This week at the Voices for Creative Nonviolence office in Chicago, my colleague Sabia Rigby prepared a presentation for a local high school. She’ll team up with a young friend of ours, himself a refugee…

Syria's Bashar Al-Assad. Photo by Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / ABr, Wikimedia Commons.

Assad In The Ascendant? – OpEd

Back in the glory days of the so-called “Arab Spring”, when Middle Eastern dictators were falling like ninepins, it seemed that the overthrow of Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya and…