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UK Declares Cyberwar On ISIS To Stop Home-Grown Jihadism

By Reyhan Güner Over the past 9 months, the UK’s Home Office, the governmental department responsible for immigration, counter-terrorism, drug policy, and related research, has authorized 30,000 “take downs” of websites and blog spots which are directly linked to ISIS. These platforms had been inspiring troubled youths to engage in home-grown jihad, glorifying terrorism, and […]


Tunisia’s Borders: Terrorism And Regional Polarisation

The growing link between cartels and armed jihadi militants along Tunisia’s borders with Algeria and Libya, combined with heightened ideological polarisation, could form an explosive mix ahead of Tunisia’s legislative and presidential elections. In its latest briefing, Tunisia’s Borders (II): Terrorism and Regional Polarisation, the International Crisis Group builds on its November 2013 report and […]


China Toughens Up Border Security Over IS Recruitment Fears

China has started enforcing stricter border checks in a bid to stop Islamic extremists from joining terrorist cells in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, state-run media said on Monday. Following recent reports of minority Muslim Uyghurs fighting for the Islamic State (IS) and arrests in Indonesia, police have started gathering and sharing terrorism intelligence […]

Chuck Hagel
Chuck Hagel. File photo.

Hagel Confers With Egyptian Defense Minister, Condemns Terror In Sinai

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke today with Egyptian Minister of Defense Colonel General Sedki Sobhy to underline the Defense Department’s condemnation of the terrorist attacks on Oct. 24 which killed dozens of Egyptian soldiers and wounded many more. Assistant Press Secretary Carl Woog issued a statement saying Hagel expressed condolences to the families of […]