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Researcher Ghislain Tepa-Yotto (UNA) and senior research specialist May-Guri Sæthre (NIBIO) inspect the damage on maize plants caused by fall armyworm larvae. The crop has been totally destroyed. Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen.

West Africa: New Pest Threatens Crops

The moth Spodoptera frugiperda, commonly known as fall armyworm moth, was first registered in Africa in 2016. It is not certain how it arrived, but DNA-analyses show that it is likely to have been more…

Flowering branches of Coffea arabica. Photo by Marcelo Corrêa, Wikipedia Commons.

Arabica Coffee Genome Sequenced

The first public genome sequence for Coffea arabica, the species responsible for more than 70 percent of global coffee production, was released today by researchers at the University of California, Davis. Funding for the sequencing…

Miscanthus plots (left and right) tower over kitty-corner plots of switchgrass (top and bottom) at the University of Illinois Energy Farm. A new study used a bioenergy database to confirm that Miscanthus yields two times more than switchgrass. Credit L. Brian Stauffer, University of Illinois

Miscanthus Top Biofuel Producer In US

Scientists have confirmed that Miscanthus, long speculated to be the top biofuel producer, yields more than twice as much as switchgrass in the U.S. using an open-source bioenergy crop database gaining traction in plant science,…