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Pakistan's Lieutenant General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Photo by Qamar Hafeez, Wikipedia Commons.

Pakistan: Military Strangulation – OpEd

As the world is busy figuring out Donald Trump’s ascendancy and a simmering refugee crisis in Europe, the military in Pakistan is veering away from the US camp and tying itself to the coattails of…

South Asia. Source: United Nations, Wikipedia Commons.

Possibility Of Nuclear Armageddon In South Asia – OpEd

The region of Pakistan-India border in Kashmir has certainly been the most volatile region for almost two decades. Given the apparent military doctrines of the neighbor nuclear states, the plausible effects of cross-border skirmishes with…

Flag of Iran. Photo by Farzaaaad2000, Wikipedia Commons.

Iranian Missile Tests On The Rise – Analysis

By Debalina Ghoshal* (FPRI) — In February 2017, the Islamic Republic of Iran conducted a test of its Soumar cruise missile. The test was declared a success, and according to reports, the missile flew 600km…

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Afghanistan Quandary – OpEd

Afghanistan has become quagmire rendering responsible conflict conclusion and exit of the US forces from the country very difficult. The vertical ordering of states in international system, like pyramid, can help explain the destabilizing effects…