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Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Says Environmental Conservation Not To Be Underestimated


Even though modern day development is shaped by the technical and concrete exposures which leave behind Stress, diseases and deaths, a sustainable existence of the environment will be aspired by the entire world, Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena said.

Further, he added that twenty, twenty-five years ago, many state leaders, politicians, scholars, and professionals showed no tendency to protect the environment. Since environmental pollution has become a threat to the existence of mankind, today there is a vast interest in coping with this major challenge.

Addressing Environmental Pioneer Presidential Medal Awards ceremony held on Wednesday at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo, the President added that Responsibility for environmental Conservation shall not be considered as a minor issue. This program is aimed to bring forth environmentally sensitive future base by facilitating environmental centered school education to make the students actively participated in the process, stated President’s Media Division.

The President, as the Minister of Environment, has always prioritized environmental pioneer programs in a bid to develop Sri Lanka under the concept ‘Blue Green Era.’ The five-year program serves the target of making four million school students environmental lovers while environmental pioneer students, who have been awarded the Presidential Medal will receive four marks for extra curriculum activities during the university entrance. A total of 93 environmental pioneers from 40 schools were handed over Presidential Medals during the Environmental Pioneer Presidential Medal Awards which was organized for the eighth year.

Sirisena pointed out to the authorities, the need for this program ensuring the usage of environmental knowledge practically, without just being restricted to books, shall be functioning in every school from this year.

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