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International Importance Of Kazakhstan – OpEd


By Gulshat Abdullaeva

For several years, the role of Kazakhstan has gained increasing importance in the international arena. This became apparent against the backdrop of N.Nazarbayev’s policy aimed at positioning the RK as an international mediator.

Astana has become an independent platform for holding peace talks on the settlement of the Syrian conflict. Also, the president of Kazakhstan, noting the stupor in the negotiations on Ukraine, so offered his country as a new platform for their conduct. The Foreign Secretary of Belarus V.Makey immediately reacted negatively on such proposal, noting that Kazakhstan is simply chasing the peacekeeper’s laurels.

Kazakhstan actively operates within the framework of international organizations, developing new methods for more effective interaction and taking documentary solutions to international significance. N.Nazarbayev notes the importance of the work of the SCO organization in the fight against terrorism, which includes the countries of Central Asia.

In September 2017, the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held in Astana, which resulted in the adoption of the Astana Declaration “Science, Technology, Innovation and Modernization of the Islamic World.”

After the summit, the Islamic Organization for Food Security (OFS) was established, with headquarters in Astana.

According to A.Myrzakhmetov, Vice Prime Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, the establishment of the OFS headquarters on the territory of Kazakhstan allows to obtain a profitable expansion of the export potential of agricultural produce.

“Within the framework of the organization, Kazakhstan will be able to export an additional 1 million tons of wheat, attract funds from international financial institutions, including the Islamic Development Bank, to implement infrastructure projects.” Attracting direct investments to the country’s economy using Islamic financial instruments, “said Minister.

International specialized exhibition Expo-2017 under the auspices of the International Exhibition Bureau, held in the capital of Kazakhstan, gathered participants from 100 countries and more than 10 international organizations.

In addition, since 2018, Kazakhstan is the chairman of the UN Security Council, where decisions are taken to maintain international peace and security.

In addition to international projects, the political leadership of Kazakhstan pays attention to the population of its country.

N.Nazarbayev continues to focus on the implementation of the program “Ruhani Zhahyrou”, which is aimed at modernizing the consciousness of Muslims. The program envisages several projects: the transition to the Latin alphabet, “100 new books in the Kazakh language”, the patriotic program “Tugan Jer” and “Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan”, as well as the projects “Modern Culture of Kazakhstan in the Global World” and “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” .

During the last OIC summit, the topic of modernization of the educational process of the countries of the Islamic world was also discussed. The need to change the consciousness of a Muslim society arose in connection with the spread of radical Islamization, the source of which is the terrorist group ISIS.

At present, Kazakhstan, together with China, plans to strengthen cooperation in combating international terrorism, extremism and separatism. The President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev noted the effectiveness of the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in the fight against the militants of ISIS on the territory of Syria, as well as the forces of the coalition led by the United States.

Despite the fact that the ISIS does not have its own territory anymore, they send their militants to different countries, including Afghanistan. Islamic civilization is based on science and knowledge, but nevertheless half of the population of the Islamic world is illiterate. And here the problem arises, because the most educated Muslims go to work in Western countries, which becomes a threat to national security.

Kazakhstan supports Afghanistan, providing places for studying to Afghan students. Since the civil war in Afghanistan has lasted for 40 years, people living in the territory of this country except for the war do not see anything. They earn money only from drug production, which only contributes to the development of terrorism. The leader of Kazakhstan sees the ways of fighting in this situation in providing jobs to the residents of Afghanistan, only in this way will Kazakhstan be able to help the neighboring country in creating its own economy.

In short, the Republic of Kazakhstan, as a significant country in the Central Asian region, today plays a key role in resolving conflicts of an international format. Kazakhstan’s policy to date has reached the maximum level of confidence among neighboring countries, which made it possible to bring the country to a new level of interaction, which certainly only contributes to the country’s prestige in the international arena.


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