Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says It’s People’s Opinion That Makes And Breaks Governments


“Nobody can win elections only by working for the country alone and it is the people’s opinion that makes and breaks governments”, said Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena.

“If the persons who work for country win elections, leaders like C. P. de Silva must have been representing the Parliament always,” Sirisena said. “Mr. C. P. de Silva, who initiated a mega development project for the country was defeated in the election held in 1970 as the people voted for somebody whom they have never seen”, he further stated.

Sirisena was speaking at the launching ceremony of ‘Minneri Deviyo’, the biography of Mr. C. P. de Silva, held yesterday (March 30) at the BMICH.

Mr. C. P. de Silva did not misuse political power and had a real love for the people. Young politicians who desire to become wealthy by coming to politics, must give up such ideas and take the example of leaders like C P de Silva and serve the people, he said.

Mr. Silva, who performed a great role as a leader to develop the Polonnaruwa District during the development initiatives carried out in the decades of 50 and 60, was called ‘Minneri Deviyo’ by the elders in farming community in Polonnaruwa in accordance with their conscience.

The book ‘Minneri Deviyo’ was written by Minister Dr. Wijeydasa Rajapakhse. He presented the first copy of the book to President Sirisena at this occasion.

Charles Percival de Silva was born on 16th of February, 1912. After completing the higher education both in the country and abroad, he entered into Civil Service at the age of 23.

As a civil servant, he rendered a great service to implement development projects like Galoya, Bakamuna and Girithale. He showed his total commitment and considerable talents when constructing Minipe, Alahera canals.

In 1950 he entered into the field of politics resigning the portfolios then he held as the Acting Director of Land Development and Food Production. He entered the Parliament at his first attempt, contesting from the Polonnaruwa electorate at the 1952 parliamentary election.

He played a pivotal role in upgrading Polonnaruwa to the status of a district.

The Minneriya Colonization scheme one of the development projects by the former Prime Minister D. S. Senanayake became a reality as a result of commitments made by Mr. C.P. De Silva to reconstruct the Minneriya lake.

As people worship King Mahasen as the ‘Mahasen Deviyo’ (God Mahasen), Mr. C.P. De Silva referred to as “Minneriya Deviyo” due to his commitment to renovate the Minneriya lake for irrigating paddy fields.

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