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Sri Lanka: Search Operations Continue, Tri Forces To Protect Schools


The island-wide search operations being carried out by Sri Lanka’s Tri Forces, Police and STF are continuing and security has been tightened, according to the government.

In an update, the Sri Lanka government said that maximum security has been provided to all places of worship by the Tri Forces, Police and STF.

In a statement, the government said that investigations carried out by the CID and TID have been successful and the Police believe that they have been able to identify all collaborators of the extremists and that the ongoing operations have been very effective in weakening the extremists, as well as preventing them from causing more damage and harm to the country.

Schools are scheduled to reopened on Monday (May 6) and the Tri Forces and Police have been vested with providing adequate protection to schools. Several measures have been taken to ensure the security of the students, the government said.

As part of the security measures, vehicles will not be allowed to be parked in the vicinity of schools after the schools reopen. Any vehicles that are found parked in such locations will be removed by the Police to a safe location and subjected to strict security checking.

The public is also encouraged to resume their daily activities while being observant of any suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.

“It is also reminded that the dissemination of false information and rumors. This will also constitute an offence under the conditions that are prevailing and legal action will be taken against anyone found to involve in such activities,” the government said.

Relatedly, Sri Lankan Navy personnel on search operations in Kandy took into custody two persons along with 28 petrol cans. They were taken into custody as they had failed to explain the reason to have the 20-liter patrol cans with them. Also, Navy personnel on duty at a roadblock in Chilaw arrested a suspect with twenty Police uniforms while checking a Colombo – Mannar bus.

Acting on information received, a youth was arrested by Air Force personnel for having in his possession high charge batteries, switches and wires which could have been used to make improvised explosive devices. The suspect has been handed over to the Slave Island Police. The Air Force has also carried out search operations in several parts of the country including a number of locations in Colombo, the government said.

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