Ferrari California: A Beautiful Work Of Art


Arab News had an invite from of the leading Italian manufacturer “Ferrari” to visit its plant in (Maranello), north of Italy. The officials, during the visit, stressed on the development of “Ferrari California”, which is characterized by many new features making it by far an undisputed leader.

“Ferrari” is considered an earmark among the sports cars of the world, producing approximately 8,000 car annually based on the economic indicators of the world as it recorded an increase of 5 percent per year. “Ferrari” has two plants in Italy that produces 30 cars a day, and is considered the first in sales in the US market with the Chinese market comimg second. The Middle East market share of Ferrari cars is 6 percent represented by 450 cars.

A single car manufacturing of the 8 cylinders model takes three weeks, while a single one of the 12 cylinders model takes one month to manufacture.

The unique test drive experience was in a great atmosphere, the use of all sports equipment manufactured for “California Ferrari”, and a mountainous area contributed to the success of the experiment, where we had this report:

  • The green mountains of Italy declare the most powerful driving experience for California.
  • Less weight .. and the increase of the maximum power to 505 hp.

The “Ferrari California” is an exceptionally innovative car whose philosophy takes its inspiration from the spirit and emotions of one of the great Ferrari’s of the past, the fifties California model, a superbly elegant open top car designed for the track, which has, over the years, come to symbolize not only superior sportiness and performance but also exclusivity, craftsmanship and faultless sophistication.

In line with Ferrari tradition, this model positively brims with innovative features, In addition to its retractable hard top and the aforementioned original 2+ concept, the new Prancing Horse car also offers: a new direct injection V8 engine, a 7-speed gearbox with steering wheel-mounted F1-style paddles coupled with a new dual clutch, a new suspension system

The California’s sleek aerodynamic styling is, like the rest of the current Ferrari models. Viewed from the side, the aerodynamic sweep of the bonnet beautifully contrasts with the compact tail volume and the pulled-back cabin. The front continues some of the themes hinted at on the flanks. Seen head-on, the car clearly takes it much of its inspiration from the prestigious Prancing Horse car from which it takes its name: the grille and slender air intake at the centre of the bonnet most notably harking back to the 250 GT California. At the rear, the sides and the muscular tail section are both familiar too. As at the front, the single round LED taillights are inset directly along the edge of the boot. The California’s vertically stacked twin tailpipes are an original flourish as is the boot which sweeps right down to the bumpers to improve functionality. The “Ferrari California’s” aerodynamics were, of course, developed in tandem with its styling, the car has a Cx value of 0.32.

A desire to achieve perfect balance between vertical load and drag influenced the shape of the rear diffuser and the spoiler incorporated into the front bumper. Drag has been cut to 10 percent lower than on the other Ferrari models which not only makes the Ferrari California a more aerodynamically efficient car but also reduces fuel consumption. Last but not least, the air intake on the bonnet ensures highly efficient cooling of the engine compartment.The interior also reflects the same level of design sophistication, exuding a sense of refined luxury, comfort and bespoke quality. Situated between the front seats, the new aluminum-trimmed centre console is another distinctive touch that gives the interior its amazing look.

Ferrari announced an upgrade of the California which includes weight loss and engine tuning, vehicle weight was reduced approximately 30 kg, and the power of the engine is increased 30 hp, the GDI V8 engine now delivers 490 hp and 505 Newton meters of torque at 5000 rpm. Its acceleration has gone from a 0-100km/h time of 3.9 seconds to 3.8.The new California is also the first to receive the Handling Speciale Package, which includes Magnetorheological Dampers which increase the steering response by 10 percent along with stiffer springs and a faster ECU with 50 percent faster response time. The package also minimizes body roll and increases the response of driver inputs.

Engine/ Capacity 8/4297 cc
Max. Power 490ps@7750 rpm
Max. Torque 505 Nm@5000 rpm
Transmission 7 speed F1 dual-clutch
Length/width/height (mm) 4563/1902/1308
Wheelbase (mm) 2670
Weight (kg) 1600
Weight distribution 47 percentFront/53 Rear
Max. Speed +310 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.8 Sec

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