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PTI Again On The Streets, Repercussions For Pakistan – OpEd


Pakistan is currently facing an unprecedented wave of inflation, electricity shortfall, and an obscure political environment. At such times great nations and great leaders work with unity and urge for national cohesion. When the great depression struck America in 1929-39, President Roosevelt Introduced the ‘New Deal’ that helped the nation work in close cohesion and the opposition at that time came forward with full support of Roosevelt. The Americans worked day and night on various public projects across the country and it became a lifeline for the state. Again during the great recession in 2008 that drastically affected the American economy, the nation again worked hand in glove to drag the nation out of the dark phase.


Unfortunately, Pakistan has lost that charm of national integration at the hands of political interests. The political leaders are trying to damage the national fabric in pursuit of their personal petty objectives. PTI is at the forefront in constructing every phenomenon that instigates a more intense retardation in the national economy. The art of chivalry is seriously lacking in the political parties mainly the PTI. At this time when the nation is facing a crisis, Imran Khan following the track of cult political maneuvers has again called for a protest in Islamabad. 

It is to be noted that all these political processions result in massive economic loses and the stock market faces nose dive situation. Imran Khan who claims to have national progress & development oriented agenda should have avoided such ferocious steps but alas he too is aligned with his personal interests of regaining the lost PM chair. According to him, “all those who are not standing with him are standing with evil, the only and ultimate good lies in him. And the provocation to act in his accord is directly linked with good vs bad.” 

Every cult leader in history built his cult on the idea of us vs them. If you are not with us, then you are not among us. Most of the time the narrative of us vs them is proposed as equal to good vs evil in which us means good and them are evil. The ousted PM is trying to make a political cloud, which could serve his interests and bring him back to the PM office. The country is suffering and no one asks from the ex-PM why he didn’t make Pakistan self-sufficient and reliant to weather the present-day economic downfall?

Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.


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