Iran Tests Upgraded Version Of Mersad Missile Defense System


Iran’s Army tested an upgraded version of the Mersad missile defense system in the country’s central desert.

The Mersad-16 homegrown missile defense system fired missiles to shoot down the intended targets.

Mersad is a medium-altitude surface-to-air missile system with electronic warfare capabilities.

According to General Khoshqalb, the Air Defense Force’s Operations Deputy, it has been fully developed by local experts and is capable of using new technologies to counter enemy’s electronic warfare and simultaneously engaging multiple hostile targets.

He said during the testing, Mersad-16 was put under the control of the Integrated Air Defense Network and, ordered by the Command and Control Center, it detected, engaged and destroyed the targets.

The general added that high agility and maneuverability are among the features of Mersad-16, which can detect and act against targets at any altitude.

A newer version of the missile defense system will be unveiled in the near future, he went on to say.

Tasnim News Agency

Tasnim News Agency, which claims to be a private news agency in Iran but is reported be close to the IRGC, was launched in 2012. Its purpose is to cover a variety of political, social, economic and international subjects along with other fields.

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