Saudi Arabia To ‘Stand Resolute’ Against Hezbollah


By Najia Houssary

Hezbollah will be held accountable for its “war on Saudi Arabia” and its exploitation of the people of Lebanon, a Saudi government minister has said.

The Kingdom was “determined to stand resolute against Hezbollah, the satanic militia working to recruit and train outlaws in the party’s strongholds in Lebanon,” said Thamer Al-Sabhan, Saudi minister of state for the Gulf region.

“Hezbollah is declaring war on Saudi Arabia with the Iranian weapons and missiles they are launching from Yemen.”

Al-Sabhan accused Hezbollah of “manufacturing drugs in Lebanon and attempting to smuggle them into Arab countries to destroy the youth. We must hold this militia accountable as a lesson for others, to guarantee the security and safety of our people.

“Hezbollah’s militias are exploiting Lebanese ports and airport to carry out terrorist operations as well as smuggle terrorists.

“We have an effective treatment that can put an end to this rampant tumor, and God willing, we will be able to work for the future of our countries and the future of Lebanon as well.

“We will eliminate this abnormal tumor as we have done with Al-Qaeda and Daesh. One day, Hezbollah’s militias will be held accountable for everything they have done. This day will come soon. They will know what we are doing and what we mean.”

Al-Sabhan accused Iran of “harmful interventions through militias scattered in our Arab homeland; they want to destroy the Arabs.”

The minister’s comments, published by Sky News Arabia, came as Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri visited Riyadh on a business trip.

He met Al-Sabhan at the minister’s home in the capital, and also held talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Whenever I meet his highness the crown prince, I become more convinced that we and the Saudi leadership are in full agreement on Lebanon’s stability and Arab identity,” Hariri said.

Former Lebanese MP Mustapha Allouch said Saudi Arabia could lead the way in confronting Hezbollah. “There are armed militias working for Iran in the region, and they should be held accountable,” he said.

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