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Spearheaded by the United States and Israel, the Western governments have designed a perilous and mendacious scenario against Iran, fueled and empowered by the mainstream media which have long mastered in falsifying the truth and demonizing independent nations such as Iran.

The scenario, or to put it more precisely, the Western smear campaign comprises two main dimensions: firstly, the alleged plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington as a result of which the West will be accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism, and secondly, Iran’s efforts to design an explosive device used for creating atomic bombs as “revealed” by the latest IAEA report, which will be laying the groundwork for the US and its cronies to keep up with the outdated story of sanctions and military strike threats.

The American-Israeli-European scenario has been devised so astutely and shrewdly that many independent observers in the international community have believed it credulously.

The first phase of the anti-Iranian campaign was set in motion when a satisfactory tranquility and order ruled Iran while the rest of the Middle East was overwhelmed in uproar and chaos. The stalwart allies of the US in Egypt and Tunisia were overthrown, Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia were engulfed in unrest, the wave of economic crisis had swept the whole Europe and an unexpected, unprecedented social turmoil had taken in the United States as the people who introduced themselves the members of the Occupy Wall Street movement had stormed into the streets of hundreds of US cities, demanding drastic social, political and economic reforms in the structure of the government and the decayed capitalist system.

The American politicians who could never visualize that their people would surge against them in such a harmonious and united way had no option but to have the security forces resort to violence, so in the first days of the protests in Zuccotti Park and Wall Street district, hundreds of demonstrators were arrested. On November 21, the organizers of OWS protests wrote on their Twitter web page that a total of 4,619 protesters have been arrested by the US police. The U.S. officials had never imagined that their provocations in other countries may backfire, and something like a lost chain of the Arab Spring may occur in their realm of government. So, distracting the public opinion from what was taking place in the streets of the US cities was the main objective of the state-funded media.

Accusing Iran of attempting to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington and running a massive propaganda campaign against Tehran was the first stage of efforts made by the US to divert the global attentions from the all-encompassing movement of Occupy Wall Street.

On October 11, a swarm of American news websites, TV channels, radio stations and news agencies covered an alleged plot by the Iranian government to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington. CIA jubilantly claimed that it has thwarted the plot in a so-called “Operation Red Coalition” and that the members of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had planned to bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington D.C. The American officials even went further to claim that Iran had planned bombings in the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, as well.

The American media exaggerated the fabricated allegation to the extent that even the US President reacted by stating that “even if at the highest levels there was not detailed operational knowledge, there has to be accountability with respect to anybody in the Iranian government engaging in this kind of activity.”

But the US intelligence officers and those who claimed that they had “thwarted the plot,” failed to put forward a single page of evidence confirming that Iran was involved in the alleged assassination of the Saudi ambassador. The claims made by the CIA director Robert Mueller, as he himself confessed, looked more like a “Hollywood script.” Devoid of any rationality or reliability, the scenario was simply planned to trouble the Iranian leaders and put a lid on the internal conflicts of the United States in the wake of the growing anger of the American people at the capitalist system and ruling corporatism.

In the aftermath of the news conference held by the CIA director on October 11, several neo-con pundits and Zionist-allied senators and congressmen furiously attacked Iran and talked of Tehran’s “sponsorship of international terrorism” and touched on the necessity of taking measures to counter what they called Iran’s growing threat for the international peace.

But these people who have made such aggressive and jingoistic statements have simply forgotten, or pretended that have forgotten the fact that without any doubt, the US has always been the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world and the threats it poses to the international security and stability is undeniable and indisputable. The former CIA officer John Stockwel,l who is now a vocal critic of the US government and its bellicose foreign policy, revealed in an article for the Information Clearing House that up to 1987, more than 6 million people were killed in the CIA secret wars against the Third World countries. This figure does not include the skyrocketing casualties of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The Project Censored also published an article indicating that more than 1 million people were killed as a result of the US occupation of Iraq in 2003.

An April 24, 2007 article by James A. Lucas published in Counter Currents also made public that the “US military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars. The Korean War also includes Chinese deaths while the Vietnam War also includes fatalities in Cambodia and Laos.”

So, aren’t this countless killings of innocent civilians in crazy war adventures samples of terrorism and barbarity? Since its independence on July 4, 1776, the US government has launched more than 20 international wars and indirectly took part in several others? Isn’t the US the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world?

But the US involvement in wars and military expeditions is not the only manifestation of Washington’s sponsorship of terrorism. The chained assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in recent months gives emphasis to the fact that the US does not spare any effort to destabilize other countries, even at the cost of killing its scientists and university professors.

But the second phase of the anti-Iranian scenario included the claim that Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons. Since Yukiya Amano was elected to chair the International Atomic Energy Agency, it was evident that he will serve as a stooge for the US.
He was elected as the chairman of IAEA after six rounds of voting, and from the beginning, the representatives of the developing nations opposed him, because he was strongly supported by the US and was said that will work to meet the interests of the US and EU countries. Amano was not considered an impartial and unprejudiced director like his predecessor Moahmed ElBaradei and his performance regarding Iran’s nuclear program demonstrated his lack of diplomatic finesse.

The IAEA’s 35th report on Iran’s nuclear activities since June 2003, which was published on November 8, contained a set of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations regarding Iran’s alleged activities that purportedly have military significance, including efforts to procure dual-use equipment, work on the development of an indigenous nuclear weapon design, acquisition of nuclear weapons development information and documentation from a clandestine supply network, role of foreign suppliers and scientists, and the existence of formal organized structures to pursue such activities, among others.

This biased report which instigated the European governments to take further actions against Iran including unilateral sanctions and even threats of military strike was in line with the large-scale policies of the US in demonizing and isolating Iran. This report laid the groundwork for a number of European states such as the UK and the Netherlands to impose more tough financial sanctions against Iran and sever their trade with the Persian Gulf country. It also encouraged Israel to renew its war threats against Iran which supported the tacit or explicit support of the US and its European cronies.

Unfortunately, the international organizations such as the IAEA and the UNSC have turned into the political haunt of the US and its allies to put pressure on countries which they are at odds with. The recent anti-Iranian resolution proposed to the UN General Assembly by the US and Saudi Arabia to condemn the alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador to Washington was ratified while the majority of countries giving positive vote to the resolution said that they were under pressure, as Mohammad Khazaei, Iran’s permanent envoy to the UN said.

The IAEA’s report on Iran’s nuclear program is also a hypocritical and duplicitous effort which underlines the fact that countries such as Israel which are not signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and have never brought their nuclear facilities under the safeguards of the IAEA, even in contravention of the UNSC resolution 487, can get away with underground activities such as possessing up to 300 nuclear warheads, while Iran which has always used the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and been unquestionably a symbol of transparency and goodwill in cooperating with the IAEA should be under mounting pressure.

It’s true that the West is putting a huge amount of pressure on the Iranian government and people in different ways, but the reality is that Iran will show its real image to the public opinion and the international community.

The anti-Iranian scenario of the West is underway and has its own advocates; however, what is clear is that the Iranian nation will not surrender even an iota of its rights and never bow down to the demands of the arrogant and bullying powers. Iran has been the most pacifist country in such a tumultuous region as the Middle East, but it knows the ways of how to defend itself against the psychological or military threats.

Kourosh Ziabari

Kourosh Ziabari is an award-winning Iranian journalist, writer and media correspondent.

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