Egypt Election Results Postponed, Government Consultations Continue


The press conference for the announcement of provisional results of the first round of parliamentary elections has been postponed until tomorrow, said the president of the High Electoral Commission, Ibrahim Abdel Moez, in statements reported by the Egyptian news agency ‘Mena’. Initially planned for today, the conference was postponed because some polling stations are still counting votes.

Nevertheless, based on rumors and partial counts, it seems that the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood has become, as expected, the first formation of the country, followed by a surprise, the Salafi al-Nour party. In third place was instead the Egyptian block, which included several secular formations.

Meanwhile, the prime minister appointed by the Supreme Council of the armed forces, Kamal Ghanzouri, has begun consultations to form a government of “national salvation” that will take the place of what led up to a few weeks ago by Essam Sharaf. The latter had tendered his resignation following the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo, against the military junta in power.


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