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Dakar Rally Start Marred By Argentine Biker’s Death


An Argentinian motor-bike rider, Jorge Martinez Boero, has died after a crash during the opening stage of the Dakar Rally, which started in Argentina on Sunday.

­The 38-year-old passed away in a helicopter while being transported to hospital in Mar del Plata.

The local media reports that Martinez Boero died from head and chest injuries. He was taking part in his second Dakar Rally.

Dakar, which is considered one of the most dangerous events in global motorsport, has now taken the lives of 26 competitors, with 16 of them being bike riders.

The participants in this year’s rally will have to cover more than 9,000 kilometers in 15 days on their way from Mar del Plata in Argentina to the Peruvian capital, Lima.

It’s the fourth straight year the Dakar Rally has been staged in South America. The event was held in Africa until 2007, but then the venue was moved due to security reasons


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