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Russia Concerned Over Macedonia’s Political Crisis


Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thursday that is concerned that the political crisis in Macedonia, “provoked by the gross external interference in the country’s internal affairs is getting worse.”

In a statement, the Russian Ministry said that “attempts, which are actively supported by EU and NATO leaders, are being made to make Macedonians accept the “Albanian platform” designed in Tirana in the Prime Minister’s Office based on the map of the so-called Greater Albania, which illustrates its territorial claims to vast regions in neighboring Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.”

The Ministry said that of particular concern is the involvement of the authorities of Kosovo, “which has unilaterally declared independence, in this scam.”

“We believe this line of action to be extremely dangerous as it may lead to the destruction of Macedonian statehood and destabilisation of the whole of the Balkans,” the Ministry said in the statement.

The Ministry noted that the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia held on December 11, 2016 at the EU’s and the United States’ insistence, were won by the ruling party led by Nikola Gruevski.

“Now the West is trying to take advantage of the Albanian minority to have the defeated opposition, who has subscribed to the Albanians’ requirements that sound more like an ultimatum and lead to the undermining of the country’s constitutional basis, come to power in Skopje,” the Russian Ministry statement continued.

According to the Russian Ministry, “The on-going destructive attempts to impose, from the outside, schemes contradicting the Macedonian voters’ will can only exacerbate the situation. The external interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs has to be stopped, and the right of the Macedonian people to decide their future on their own and in compliance with the fundamental democratic principles has to be treated with respect.”

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One thought on “Russia Concerned Over Macedonia’s Political Crisis

  • March 5, 2017 at 1:55 am

    Gruevskis has spend too much time on his antiquization program creating a false history via his Las Vegas style 2014 program. By creating the myth which has permeated all levels of Slavic Macedonia’s uneducated society he has alienated the Albanians. Let us not forget that Albanians are indigenous to this territory and as such have the right to determine their identity and language. They either change their name and destroy their cheap Italian reproduction statues and become an inclusive society or the country will disintegrate. Had Gruevski not forged along with brainwashing of his population and his cultural theft, Slavic Macedonia would have been a productive member of Europe. Right now the country is a basket case with no positive future. They know what they have to do. The Albanians are on standby. 2001 was merely a warning. The USA has proven loyalty to the Albanians in Kosovo. They would not hesitate to fund an offensive against Slavic Macedonia in the name of selling arms. Gruevski through rejection desperately gravitates towards Russia. It will all turn nasty i feel. They need to change their name. They need to remove all reference to antiquity. They need to embrace the Albanians. They need to make friends with their neighbors. Politicians like Ljubo Georgievski and Zoran Zaev, although extremely different to each other, offer hope. The Slavic population must swallow their pride and listen to the world. Irredentist and antiquization platforms need to be eradicated. Albanians and Turks make up 35% of Slavic Macedonia’s population. This is too high of a percentage to ignore. They either work with their minority groups or the territory will be partitioned via a nasty civil war. Think twice Slavic Macedonia before commissioning another statue from the Italians and naming another airport.


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