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Saudi Arabia: Ramadan Witnesses More Visitors To Religious, Tourist Sites


Ramadan is the time of year when religious and historical venues linked to the Prophet, peace be upon him, after his Hijra to Madinah are of particular interest to Madinah visitors.

These places are popular destinations for visitors before they meet for iftar in public squares, enjoying the wide-ranging services the government offers visitors to the Two Holy Mosques throughout the year.

During the holy month of Ramadan, visits are made to the far-off historic sites, even though summer temperatures reach as high as 50 degrees during daytime.

Tourists also head to Quba, Qiblatayn, Al-Khandaq, Al-Ghamama and Al-Ijaba Mosques, as well as the Uhud martyrs square and the King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Qur’an.

These famous sites are connected to glorious times dating back 14 centuries.

The journeys are well worth taking, considering that the mosques and the historical sites have been well taken care of by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. This ensures that visitors enjoy modern amenities, such as air conditioning, water, lighting systems in and outside the mosques, particularly during Ramadan and Haj seasons that usually witness a large number of pilgrims and visitors.

The Madinah mayoralty also makes sure that gardens are well tended and that street vendors selling food meet the required hygienic standards, while the security personnel take all measures to ensure safe travel for visitors to these religious and historical sites.

The Quba mosque is the second most popular attraction for pilgrims after the Prophet’s Mosque, being the first mosque built by the Prophet, who used to visit it and pray in it on his first day of Hijra to Madinah. It was rebuilt several times.

Buses and other vehicles converge on the Uhud martyrs square, which becomes every year a large Islamic forum for people of all nationalities.

The Sayyed Al-Shuhada Mosque, considered Madinah’s largest mosque as it can accommodate 15,000 worshippers, was built in this same square.

It is also the place where the tomb of an Uhud martyr from among the companions of the Prophet can be found.

During Ramadan, some people prefer to dedicate themselves to spiritual rituals, while others prefer marketplaces and commercial centers where they shop and buy gifts for families.

Others opt for the tranquility of the Hijaz railway station, 2 km away from the Prophet’s Mosque, where they enjoy the family-friendly setting.

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