President Sargsyan Says Armenia Won’t Be Solving Problems With Guns Or Violence


In the aftermath of the siege of Yerevan police station, Armenian leader Serzh Sargsyan held a meeting with the representatives of different segments of society – cultural figures, representatives of healthcare, mass media, public and political figures, members of the Public Council, as well as the representatives of legislative and executive bodies, heads of the standing bodies and Armenian clergy headed by the Catholicos of All Armenians.

As the President noted in his statement, “Yesterday, the situation created as a result of the assault by an armed group on the police station was finally resolved. It was resolved in a way which was probably the most acceptable for all of us: the National Security Service, Police, State Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs through their consistent and coordinated activities compelled the members of the armed group to put down their weapons and surrender to the authorities. I am very glad that we were able to avoid the “classical” scenario of resolving situations such as this one even though the detailed plan for the implementation of such option was certainly on hand too.”

“The unacceptable situation has come to an end; however its full resolution lies ahead. First of all a thorough investigation is in order, as well as a comprehensive and unbiased examination, and an open trial. Every single person must answer for his actions before the law. There will be no other options; any attempt of personal vengeance will be stopped by the law. All processes unfolding in the Republic of Armenia will take place exclusively in the framework of the RA Constitution and laws.”

“The time has come to draw conclusions. A full analysis of these events will take a long time. However one thing is clear: the process of the radical changes in Armenia’s social and political life must be expedited.”

“From now on we will allow no one to take our country hostage. We will allow no one to undermine the foundation of our state. Problems in Armenia will not be solved through violence or arms.”

“Yerevan is neither Beirut nor Aleppo. Let no one aspire to import Near East solutions of the previous century, of the Cold War to Armenia.”


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