ICJ Verdict Exposed Indian Involvement In Pakistan – OpEd


Since independence, India has interfered in Pakistan and is actively involved in destabilizing the country. India never accepted partition by heart, most recent case of Indian involvement in Pakistan came to limelight when a serving RAW officer Commander Khulbhusan Jadhav was arrested in Mashkel Balochistan on March 3, 2016 during intelligence-based operation.

This operation was a huge success for Pakistan to counter and expose India with undeniable proof of involvement in terrorism sponsorship in Balochistan and Karachi in which several thousand security officials and citizens were killed and wounded. These activities include funding Baloch insurgents, targeted killings especially in Karachi, bomb blasts on railway tracks, IED attacks on FC convoys, ambush, and flaming ethnic and religious conflicts.

It is now exposed by the International Court of Justice that Jadhav was a serving Indian Navy officer who crossed the border with a forged identity. Indian media is deceiving its own people by manufacturing false propaganda. Maybe India doesn’t want to demoralize its armed forces which already were quite demoralized after Pakistan’s response to Balakot strikes. The ICJ verdict on this case supports and strengthened Pakistan’s narrative that India is behind Baloch insurgents. Without any states support, it’s factually impossible for a rebel group to fight against a state. India is providing Baloch insurgents weapons and active training in camps in Afghanistan and India.

India is exploiting their relative deprivation as Balochistan is underdeveloped province of Pakistan with less education and health facilities. Although the condition is set to improve in wake of the CPEC projects being completed on a good pace. India constantly is trying to turn Balochistan into a destabilized area which would affect local and regional economic activities that would have long-term strategic implications on Pakistan and region.

India has multiple goals in its strategy against Pakistan, first India wants to increase help to Baloch insurgents so they could carry out more attacks against Pakistani forces and Chinese’s engineers working in Balochistan on CPEC projects. Gwadar port is future game changer which will become an economic hub in region and India want to sabotage this project, for this purpose India is investing heavily in Iran’s Chahbahar port. India wants to destabilize Pakistan and China in a single whack.

Jadhav confessed that he was involved and was directing several subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan since 2003. These activities include deadly Mehran Naval Base attack in which Pakistan lost its two precious P3C Orion anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft. Targeted destruction of these aircrafts indicates how strategically the attack was planned and executed. This attack directly benefited India at that time and Naval Intelligence expert Jadhav played a significant role in this attack.

If we go through data about terrorism rise in Pakistan, this all started after 9/11 after America and NATO invaded Afghanistan and bomb blasts and terrorist activities started rising in Pakistan. At that time India also jumped with full fledge intention and planning to destabilize Pakistan and several likes of “Jadhavs” were sent by RAW to destabilize Pakistan. Luckily Jadhav got caught red-handed and India’s evil agendas were exposed to undeniable proof.

Pakistan’s commitment to bring peace is evident from the fact that it has asked Iran to help in an investigation as per Jadhav’s confessions about his network. A letter was written to Iran for investigation and sharing of information about people who were in contact with Jadhav which include RAW Sub-inspector Rakesh, who was also running a jewellery business in Chahbahar and was handling Jadhav. Iran positively responded to Pakistan’s request and shared details about investigations which however have not been made public. According to some security experts after Iranian investigations by information provided by Pakistan, Indian intelligence operations in Iran were largely compromised. Indian diplomats and other officials were immediately called back to Delhi. All these events further exposed India’s true face. A sealed list of 13 Indian officials was also presented in ICJ with details about their network in RAW, headed by Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

These are not just the allegations but the Indian NSA Ajit Doval openly acknowledged that he spied in Pakistan for 7 years and that they will continue to muddle in Baluchistan during addressing a public seminar in New Delhi.

Pakistan also provided a dossier to the United Nation in January 2017 to expose Indian sponsored terrorism with proper proofs, so the world must know that India is behind Baloch insurgents.

The ICJ verdict validates Pakistan’s stance that India is financing terrorists and doing subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan. It is a diplomatic victory of Pakistan that our narrative is validated in front of the international community. Pakistani courts should pursue the case and give the final verdict in accordance with existing Pakistani laws.

The international community has endorsed Pakistan’s narrative in Jadhav case. India is envious of CPEC and supports Balochistan Liberation Army to disrupt peace in Pakistan.

The ICJ’s ruling has certainly strengthened Pakistan’s position at the international and regional level. Indian allegations against Pakistan about supporting terrorism can now be rebutted at all forums, including the UN.

Despite this decision which factually is a big win for Pakistan, India celebrates Jadhav’s misery and is spinning words to portray the decision as its diplomatic and judicial success, knowingly that his release appeal was rejected and maybe during the retrial he would again sentenced to death. Technicalities and twisting of facts cannot overcome the truth. Fact is that Jadhav will stay in jail for the rest of his life for the crimes he has committed against Pakistan.

The ICJ decision certified that Jadhav is a terrorist as Indian request for his release was rejected which clearly depicts authenticity and strength of Pakistani proofs during case hearings. India needs to come to terms with the truth and for once should find courage to not mislead its own people and the world anymore. Self-deception is the biggest curse but India seems to have grown accustomed to it.

*Writer is a Research Intern at Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) Islamabad.

3 thoughts on “ICJ Verdict Exposed Indian Involvement In Pakistan – OpEd

  • August 3, 2019 at 6:57 am

    ICJ must be feeling educated by this out of the box interpretation of its own judgement. Thanks for educating ICJ of that side of their judgement that even they were unaware.

    • August 4, 2019 at 11:37 am

      Because Pakistan has the best education system.

  • August 4, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    It is a pathetic attempt at deception by ISI and its stooge.


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