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US, Denmark Like-Minded On Ukraine Aid


By Jim Garamone


During a Pentagon meeting, Denmark’s Defense Minister Morten Bodskov thanked Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III for his leadership in the effort to aid Ukraine as it struggles against Russia. 

For his part, Austin noted that Denmark is in step with the United States in providing arms, supplies and training to Ukraine. 

The Scandinavian country — one of the founding members of NATO — is also providing troops and equipment to alliance deterrence forces in Latvia and Estonia, the secretary said. 

“Today, we proudly stand with you in the face of Russian aggression that threatens Europe’s freedom and security,” Austin said. “Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues to be reckless and cruel. So, Mr. Minister, I want to thank you for everything that you’re doing to support the Ukrainian people.”

Denmark and the United States are also working on a bilateral defense cooperation agreement that should deepen the relationship between the two nations, Bodskov said. 


The Danish defense minister made the point that U.S. military presence in Europe is vital for peace, prosperity and stability. “This is not something we should take for granted,” he said. “But what you can take for granted is that the United States can count on Denmark and our willingness to take responsibility for the challenge that we’re facing.”

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