Libya: Islamic State Attacks Oil Terminal


The fighting and violence continues throughout Libya. Islamic State (IS) militants late yesterday afternoon attacked the Es Sider (Sydra) oil terminal, leaving one dead and another two guards injured. Some sources reported two dead.

The terminal, not in function since December, was guarded by men loyal to the internationally recognized Tobruk-based government. Fighting also broke out in the same hours in Tripoli between two factions of the Fajr Libya coalition, while the Libya Herald reports a second attacks this week against the Turkish consulate. Turkish diplomats could not be contacted to confirm the authenticity of online footage on the attack, which had no date.

Libya’s Ambassador to the Holy See, Mustafa Rugibani (who responds to the Tobruk authorities), explained in a statement that the embassy’s activities were forced to cease for lack of funds, but that relations between Libya and the Vatican continue. The diplomat explained that the same problem is faced by other Libyan embassies, especially in Europe.


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