Hezbollah And Al-Hassan’s Assassination Rumors – OpEd


By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

MORE than 20 Lebanese figures have been assassinated, including former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, other political leaders and members of the media and the military. All of these individuals were affiliated with the March 14 political party.

After the assassination of Hariri, Hezbollah and the Syrian regime sought to promote the story that a young man named Abu Adas belonging to an Islamist terrorist group killed Hariri in a suicide attack.


It was also said that the killer recorded his confession on video and suspended it from a tree so reporters would pick it up.

Only fools would believe that story. We knew from the first moment that the Syrian regime was behind the assassination of Hariri, and most likely its ally Hezbollah carried out the task. Almost all the 20 figures who were later assassinated accused the same conspirator and the killer.

Another victim was Wissam Al-Hassan, who was practically the only security official outside the authority of Hezbollah. He was the man who succeeded along with his team in the compilation of evidence against the Syrian regime and Hezbollah.

Here too, only fools will not realize that the co-conspirator and murderer was Assad’s regime and Hezbollah. But their media’s problem is that they believe the lies will last, so they rehashed them.

Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon who refused to admit that his state was behind the crime, said that extremists killed Al-Hassan. Why? He said this was done because they wanted to create chaos. If creating chaos were their goal, why would they assassinate a number of people always from the same political group?

Another one who promoted additional weak stories is a writer for Al-Akhbar newspaper, an associate of Syria and Hezbollah.

Hassan Aleeq wrote: “The Jordanian intelligence had warned the victim that the Israelis are angry and are going to target him personally.”

Again one has to be naïve to believe this idiotic story despite an attempt by the writer to spice it up. Why would Israel assassinate a brave security investigator who dared to reveal the crimes of Hezbollah and Syria?

As they say, a liar is usually keen on giving more details to his story; the writer here narrated the story that UAE intelligence mentioned of another conspiracy theory.

He says, “and here was the surprise. The UAE official told Al-Hassan that information given suggested that the party, which was preparing for the assassination attempt was Al-Qaeda, and specifically, a group operating out of Alhilwa camp.”

If this valuable information was available to the writer, why didn’t he expose it in the first article about Al-Hassan’s assassination?

Of course there is neither a Jordanian story nor an Emirati one, but fictional stories no one would believe at Hezbollah’s camp and certainly no one in the whole region.

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