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Is Anger Of Senior Citizens Justified? – Oped


It is said that humanity is the same all over the world. In similar circumstances and conditions, most people react almost similarly whichever region they may belong to. This is applicable in the case of senior citizens also, who are in the 65 plus age group. Therefore, it would be appropriate to comment about the thought process of senior citizens in general terms.


There are senior citizens, who live below poverty line and all the time thinking about where the next meal would come from and there are also senior citizens who are weighed down by poor health or family issues. They may have no inclination to ponder about the various problems confronting the society.  Apart from these, there are very large number of senior citizens who spend their retired life, with lot of time at their disposal for introspection about their past life and the worldly trends.

It is seen that many senior citizens in the age group of 65 plus are angry about the over all  conditions in the society and believe that  they have the solutions for the problems.

By virtue of their long experience, success and failures in various activities and pursuits, many of the senior citizens  seem to be of the view  that they know better than those who are younger to them.. They are angry because the younger generation in the society and the government  are  not listening to them or utilize their fanciful ideas. Finally, they tend to think  that if they were to become younger by any means again,  then they would implement their fanciful ideas, which occur to them after 65 plus age for the betterment of the world, though they know that they would never become younger again. The fact is that people in the age group of 65 plus have lived for several decades  chasing career goals and  wealth  and celebrating the days one after the other. They had their time full of energy.

 Given the ageing flesh and their possessive mindset and consequent attachment to comforts and personal safety priorities,  that remain undiminished inspite of the ageing process,  most of them do not have the will to venture into new path to implement their fanciful ideas. t-[aking chances. On the other hand, they confine themselves to preaching and advocating, sitting in comfortable arm chair.

Number of them, who have the writing or lecturing capability,  send articles and letters to newspapers and journals on their fanciful ideas, most of which are not published. Then, they start blaming the editors for their  lack of understanding or whimsical decisions in the choice of matter to be published.  Many of them open blogs to express their ideas and they feel sad that very few people read them. They often seek invitations for meetings or talk uninvited in the meetings and feel unhappy that they make no impact on the gathering.


It is true that many senior citizens  have some excellent ideas which occur to them at a stage in life when  they have no will and courage to go ahead and implement  or launch movement to implement the ideas  all by themselves.

They want  youngsters to  carry forward their ideas but they find the youngsters are  busy chasing  career goals and wealth, just as the 65 plus age group were doing all along earlier. This is how life passes on for most of those in 65 plus age group.

N. S. Venkataraman

N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

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