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Deadly Tornadoes Touch Down In US


Tornadoes spawned by powerful storms have raked several states across the United States, causing at least 14 deaths and widespread destruction.

Officials in the town of Marysville, in the midwestern state of Indiana, are quoted as saying the town is “completely gone” following the tornado outbreak. Authorities say all the confirmed deaths Friday were in Indiana.

Media reports say there was also heavy damage near Louisville, Kentucky, where another tornado touched down on Friday evening.

Tornadoes hit earlier in the day in the southern state of Alabama, sending some residents to hospitals. One of the twisters damaged the roof of a maximum-security prison. Authorities say despite significant damage to the roof and the prison fence, none of the more than 2,000 inmates escaped.

A devastating tornado struck the Huntsville area nearly a year ago. Soon after Friday’s twisters hit near the same place, resident Tara DuBose-Schmitt, a teacher and mother of two, said , “I’m rattled.”

Twisters were also confirmed in central Tennessee Friday. Dozens of school systems sent children home early to avoid possible strong winds, heavy rain, and large-sized hail as well as tornadoes. Tornado warnings were issued for a number of counties across central and eastern Tennessee.

The severe weather comes just two days after tornadoes cut a path of destruction through the central and southern parts of the U.S., killing 13 people.

The powerful storm system tore through neighborhoods in the states of Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee on Wednesday, and spawned tornadoes in Kansas and Kentucky.


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