Russia Seeks To Revive Reputation Of Brigade Linked To Recent Failures In Ukraine


The Russian Ministry of Defense is likely running a deliberate information operation to revive the reputation of a brigade which has become synonymous with recent Russian failures in Ukraine, the United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry said Monday.

According to the British Defense Ministry in an Intelligence Update, throughout March 2023, the activities of 155th Naval Infantry Brigade were highlighted via some of the most extensive Russian helmet-cam combat footage yet released; a televised visit by a prominent Russian TV host, Vladimir Solovyov; public announcements that the formation is in “high spirits (with) a strong determination to achieve the set goals”; and images showing the 155th being re-equipped with modified tanks.

The United Kingdom’s Ministry said, however, “In reality, the 155th has likely been reduced to combat ineffective status at least twice in the last six months, due to being committed to tactically flawed frontal assaults near Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense’s effort to revive the brigade’s image likely reflects concern about the way in which its failures were being increasingly associated with Russian senior military leaders, the British Defense Ministry noted.

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