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From Balcony To Heart: Challenging Basic In Tuition Of Life In The Time Of COVID-19 – OpEd


Humans are Confined to four walls, life is Stalled and love is Paused . Since the inception of Human life the Sensation of touch is a natural and Continuing set of emotions. The outbreak of a global Pandemic has challenged the idea of companionship . It has set forth the debate that Whether  a Human relationship survive will or not Survive without having the way of expression of feeling i.e.touch. In my opinion the idea of companionship has two aspects one that the Companions are emotionally strong to deal with the Physical distance or the relationship would start dying. The Crisis of Corona virus has challenged the Psychological barriers of Human mind. Mind that used to be creative, insightful, and loving are gradually transforming into the the Flickering emotions. As an author of this article I must say after a bad relationship and then after  deserted relationship just before the nationwide lockdown In the country making things worse for me. It’s so hard that sometimes I went to sub-conscious state without having any sense in the dark nights. Life is dark so does Humans. The idea of Human relationship is based on the Premise of selfishness mutual benefits and the selective approach of imminence.

What’s left to Humanity?

This pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty among the people across the country. While we are focusing on maintain our physical health but somewhere we are ignoring the fact that this situation is affecting our mental health too. People are ignoring the need of a collective cooperation and the organised support. Humanity is not the legacy which can be continued it’s a spirit of Human Survival. The fight against COVID-19 must be fought by all means necessary – scientific, economic, social, security and religious. But we should not lose sight of the fact that this is not about being rich or poor, developed or developing, but about being wise, compassionate and humane.  This crisis has realised that the we are not the master of life, only Death is the master of life. The death of the two legendry Cinema stars in India Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor endorses the Shakespeare’s claims that Life is a scaffold and the Humans have limited time to act till the curtain falls. We need to understand that Human emotions and relationship should be designed to help the Survival of value of Humanity.

Combating Challenge and Conclusions

As some of the claims coming out in the de – globalisation of world as a solution to solve the Humanity crisis as their line of argument is based in the idea that Globalisation is the reson of this crisis. My question is what about Individual role? . The Same Individuality was a form of the tribe idea of Globalisation.  The challenge of humanity lies on the both the Government and Individual level , the autocratic tendencies are rising , I have a fear that the In Post – Covid era and I am making this claim on the basis of my closed observation of People in India that there would be depreciation of democratic values and creation of tamed Citizens, which would be thinking in Parallel with the government,and there would be a creation of Orwellian state. On the Individual front People will be hesitate to socialise, the relationship would be dead ,there would be ongoing battle between emotions and Survival. The best anathema to this crisis is the dialogue and Communication, Dialogue between Government and the Citizens on the Institutional front and Communication amongst the Individuals on the Personal front. A country like India and its Citizens should adopt, the Popular Double engine Slogan of Incumbent Political Party can be failed but this can’t. The life should start from Balcony but conclude to the Heart so that Humanity can brighten us like Sun. 

This article is dedicated to Bhawna Sharma, who are helping in combating with the emotional crisis.

*Rajesh Ranjan, Founding editor at Sociolegalliterary. He regularly contributes on Democracy, Constitutional law and Literature and life . 

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