Syria: Eyewitnesses Say 50 Killed In Recent Protests


At least 41 people were killed as Syrian forces continued to crush anti-regime protests, a human rights lawyer said on Wednesday, Reuters reported. According to a witness, Lawyer Razan Zaitouna, a four-year-old girl was among the 41 dead in Rastan on Tuesday. Five of them were buried on Wednesday.

Syrian forces also killed nine civilians on Tuesday in the town of Hirak, another activist Ammar Qurabi said on Wednesday. He conveyed that among the nine victims, were three doctors, one dentist and an 11-year-old girl, who were killed by snipers.

Meanwhile, a conference of the Syrian opposition was held in the Turkish coastal city of Antalya. This is the first of the official meeting of activists and opposition figures in exile since protests erupted in Syria some 10 weeks ago.

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