Saudi Arabia: Five Divorces Every Hour


By Abdul Hannan Tago

Divorce in Saudi Arabia happens at the rate of 127 cases per day, or about five cases every hour. This has been revealed in a report by the General Authority of Statistics.

According to the report, more than 157,000 marriages were recorded in the courts over the past year, while over 46,000 divorce cases were recorded during the same period.

The report stated, however, that last year the number of divorces recorded a decline from the year before, which saw more than 54,000 cases of divorce. The Eastern Province and Tabuk recorded the highest divorce rates last year — 36.7 percent and 36.1 percent respectively. In Riyadh, the divorce rate was recorded at 31 percent, while Jazan witnessed 17.9 percent.

The chairperson of the Board of Directors of Mawadah Charitable Organization, Princess Sarah bint Musaed, recently revealed that a quarter of marriages in Saudi Arabia end in divorce, noting that 60 percent of divorce cases occur in the first year of marriage.

Arab News

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