Introducing Operation Warp Speed 2, For Bird Flu – OpEd


Back in December of 2020, then United Staes President Donald Trump was touting the supposed great accomplishment of his Operation Warp Speed quickly producing coronavirus “vaccines.” Trump and politicians, bureaucrats, and media members at the national, state, and local level then did everything they could to maximize the number of people who took successive shots incessantly proclaimed to be “safe and effective.”

But, from the beginning, people who looked below the surface realized the coronavirus shots were far from the wonder drug promised. Indeed, with time, it has become commonly known that the coronavirus shots have been counterproductive, turning out to be both dangerous and ineffective.

Well, three and a half years later, a new presidential administration is touting its own program in the style of Operation Warp Speed. The new program is intended to create, like before for coronavirus, mRNA shots in the name of countering bird flu. The particular bird flu being hyped by fearmongers now is often referred to as H5N1. Like with Trump, President Joe Biden is working from the beginning with the companies Moderna and Pfizer to produce shots.

Those companies raked in the cash with their earlier mRNA shots propagandized to and even mandated on the public. Now, few people want the latest versions of the dud coronavirus shots, and the companies are facing liability for the harm the shots have caused for many people. But, the US has become so much a corporatocracy that it is little surprise that the Biden administration is providing the companies a potentially very profitable opportunity to do it all over again in response to the new hyped pandemic du jour.

The bird flu gravy train is proceeding along with the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announcing Tuesday that it will give 176 million dollars to Moderna to develop mRNA bird flu shots. Not to worry, Pfizer and other select companies, there will likely be much government money for you as well. Julie Steenhuysen and Leah Douglas reported Tuesday at Reuters that Dawn O’Connell, assistant secretary for preparedness and response at HHS “said her agency was also negotiating with Pfizer for an mRNA vaccine against H5N1.”

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